Vol. I, No.1 (1987-88) (Out of Stock)

07. St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute (SEERI): Mar Aprem & V.C. Samuel

13. SEERI – The Shape of things to come: A personal perspective: John Madey

19. Origin of SEERI: Jacob Thekeparampil

23 The Treasure Still to be opened: Benedict Mar Gregorios

25. The fulfillment of a dream long cherished: Isaac Mar Youhanon

27. Importance of the Syriac Tradition: H.H. Baselios Mar Thomas Mathews I

31. SEERI – A cause of rejoicing: Mar Aprem 35. Renewal demands a return to the sources: Mar Joseph Powathil

37. The Mar Thoma Church and the Syriac Christian Patrimony: Zacharias Mar Theophilos.

39. Syrian Christian heritage – A layer of the cultural heritage of India: Mrs. Lida Jacob.

41. A treasure house of rare documents: René Cordier 43. A way for Christian unity: V.C. Samuel

47. A school of research: T.K. Koshy 51. The Epithet ‘Ecumenical’: Adai Jacob Tholanikunnel

55. A Christian Tradition which is neither Latin nor Greek: Babu Paul

57. Towards Unity in Spirit and diversity in culture: K.M. George

61. A Hymn of St. Ephrem on the Eucharist: Sebastian Brock 69. In Memoriam: Isaac Mar Youhanon, Bishop of Tiruvalla.

71. SEERI Chronicle – from 1985 Sept. 14

The Harp Vol. I, Nos. 2 & 3 (1988)

77. Syriac Studies and International Conference: Mar Joseph Pallickaparampil

80. Relevance of Syriac Studies: Sebastian Brock 83. Qussaya and Rukkaka: J.B. Segal

91. Some aspects of evaluation of John Cassian’s “De Incarnatione Deomini” Contra Nostorium Libri VII : K.H. Kuhlmann.

101. Atlas of Christian Aramaic Civilization: J.C.J. Sanders.

109. Early Christianity in Mesopotamia: Some remarks concerning authenticity of the Chronicle of Arbela: Wolfgang Hage

117. St. Ephrem and his Prayers: E.R. Hambye 123. Liturgical offerings and Alms: John Madey.

133. Ephrem’s Teaching: A source for updating Catechism: Louis Sako

143. Aspects of the persecution of Christians in the Sassanian Empire during the reign of Shapur II (309-379): Wolfgang Schwaigert.

153. Ecclesiology of Catholicos –Patriarch Sabrisō’ I: Martin Tamcke 163. The spirituality of the Heart in Syrian Tradition: Sebastian Brock

187. St. Ephrem’s understanding of spiritual progress: Some points of comparison with Origen of Alexandria: Kathleen E. McVey.

199. Christology and Terminology: V.C. Samuel 205. SEERI Chronicle -1988

207. Book Reviews:

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(iii) Nicon D. Patrinacos: All that a Greek Orthodox should know: Answers to Questions and Problem’s of Today’s Living. New York, Ny 10021: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of North and South America, Department of Education, 1986, 170 pp., - by John Madey

(iv) Kanon VIII Intereclesial Relations and Canon Law/Les relations inter-ecclesiales et le droit canon / Oekumenismus und Interkommunion rechtlicher Sicht. Vienna (Austria): Verlag des Verbander der wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaften Oesterreichs, 1987, 172 pp., Austrian Shilling 259 or DM 37.00. - by John Madey

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(ix) Ncion D. Patrinacos: A Dictionary of Greek Orthodoxy / Lexikon Hellinikis Orthodoxias – With a Foreword by Archbishop Iakovos, Primate of the Greek Orthodox Church in the Americas. Pleasantvile, NY 10570: Hellenic Heritage Publications, 21987, 391 pp., hardbound (Distributor: Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of N. & S. America, Department of Education, 8 East 79th St., New York, NY 10021, USA). - by John Madey