Vol. V, No.1, 2 & 3 (1992)

07. The Syro-Antiochean Sanctoral – an Expression of a Church’s Religious Conscience: John Madey.

15. The Beth Gazo or the Octo-Echoes of the West Syrian Church: Rev. Dr. J. Sanders . 29. IL Commento Di Giovanni IL Solitario A Mt: 5,3 : Manel Nin OSB. 39. The Turks in Michael the Syrian: Dr. Harald Suermann.

53. Paschal Lamb in Ephrem of Nisibis: Joseph Naduvilezham.

67. The Importance of the Peshittha in Syriac Tradition: The example of the Peshittha to I Chronicles

29: Ignace Phillips 93. Aramaic Tradition and Inculturation: I H Dalmais.

99. The Patriarchal See of Antioch and Seleucia Ktesiphon: Pattern of a Development that Frightens and Inspires Today:: Morten Mobjerg

111. The Mystology of John the Solitary from Apamea: George Gunter Blum

131 John and Charles Wesley’s “Hymns on the Lord’s Supper” (1745): A Western Counterpart to the Kussape of the Syro-Malabar “Raza”: David Tripp. 157. Fete De La Dormition De Marie En Syrie A L’epoque Byzantine: Simon C. Mimouni

175. The Work of Subhalmaran: David Lane 185. Holy Spirit in the Anaphorae: A Perspective: Rev. Zacharia John

189. The background, rational and the scope for the study of Syriac in the Universities of Kerala: Leela Jacob.

193. The gem in the centre of the cultural mosaic which is India: Benedict Mar Gregorios.

197. Brief Sketch of Syriac in India: Kurien Kaniamparampil

203. The Prayer for the departed in the West Syriac Liturgy: Jacob Thekeparampil

213. Stewardship of Wealth: F.M. Mathew Cor Episcopa

221. Video Teaching of Syriac: Abraham Nuro

225. Romantic Poetry in the Antiochene Marriage Rite: George Theckedath

231. Persian Words in Syriac: K. Luke

251. L’origins Et La Signification Du Mot Amad: A Deprez

265. SEERI Chronicle - 1992

269. Book Reviews:

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