Vol. VIII & IX (1995-96) (Out of Stock)

09. A Biblical Celebration of the divine dispensation, of God’s economy of salvation for a new Syro-Malankara Lectionary: Francis Acharya

41. The Syriac sources relating to the persecution of the Christians of Najran in South Arabia: Françoise Briquel Chatonnet

53. Syriac Liturgical Poetry – A resource for today: S.P. Brock

67. Some comments on the prayer of consecration of Icons in the Syriac tradition: Christine Chalilot

95. Fire mingled with Spirit: St Ephrem’s views on angels and the angelic life of Christians: P.J. Botha

105. Das Indienbild in der Syrischen Thomasliteratur – the three poems of Jacob of Sarug about the Apostle Thomas in India: Dr. Bertram Schimitz.

117. The purpose of Jacob of Edessa’s version of Samuel: Alison Salvesen

127. Enslavement in Syriac Literature – comparative chronology with Bar Hebraeus: Alexander Jacob

133. The prophetical testimonies about Christ: An unedited typological exegesis in Syriac: Alain Desreumaux

139. The last things: Shubhalmaran and his times: D.J. Lane.

151. The book of treasures by Mar Job of Edessa: Rev. Dr. G. Panicker.

161. Experience of pneumatological Eschatology in Ephrem: George Karukaparampil

167. The apology of Timothy, the Patriarch, before Caliph Mahdi the Christian-Muslim dialogue yesterday and today: Dr. Karl-Heinz Kuhlmann

177. Cross and Crucifix in the Syrian tradition: Jacob Kollaparambil

185. The Dimensions of love according to Jacob of Sarug: P.V.Philip

195. The pneumatological vision of Mar Narsai: Dr. Isaac Arickappallil CMI 209. Addai Shir 1867-1915: Assad Sauma

221. Peter of Callinicus and Damian of Alexandria: Lionel R. Wickham 229. Mysticism in Syrian Tradition: Dr. James Aerthayil CMI

251. Luther Pera’s contribution to the restoration of the Church of the East in Urmia: Martin Tamcke

263. Timothy and his dialogue with Muslims: Harald Suermann.

277. Introduction to the life of Mar Bishoi (siglum MB): Dr. J. Sanders.

289. Narsai’s Christology according to his homily on the Word became Flesh: Dr. Judith Frishman

305. The Historicity of Apostle Thomas Evangelization in Kerala: Dr. Joseph Kolangadan

329. The Syriac language and heritage in the life of the Churches of the Syrian Christians of St. Thomas: Karen Hermes

339. World Syriac Conference: Archbishop Joseph Powathil 345. Christ and Christians: An Ecclesiological theme in Ephrem: Koonammakkal Thoma Kathanar.

355. Mar Oudhisho Metropolitan of Suwa (Died in 1318) and his literary works: P.K. Varghese

365. Indian Christian in Greek Orthodox Hymnography: Wassilios Klein

375. Crosses with Epigraphs in Mediaeval Central and East Asian Christianity: Wolfgang Hage

383. Rite for the dedication of the Church in the West Syrian tradition: George Mathew.

393. Les Chretiens De St. Thomas Et Le Pretre Jean après quelques travaux recents: I.H. Dalmais OP

397. Der Apostel Thomas in China, Die Herkunft einer tradition: Jürgen Tubach

431. Gondopharnes: K. Luke

451. Documentation: Judgement of the Supreme Court of India in civil appeal Nos. 4958-60 of 1990.

466. Book reviews

(i) Jobst Reller, Mose bar Kepha und seine Paulinenauslegung, nebst Edition Und Uebersetzung des Kommentars zum Romerbrief (Diss.) in : Goettinger Orientforschungen 1. Reihe Syriaca 35, Wiesbaden 1994, X 509 S. by Dr. Dr. Bertram Schmitz.

(ii) Marienlexikon, hrsg. Im Auftrag des Instituts Marianum Regensburg e.V. von Remigius Bäumer und Leo Scheffczyk, St. Ottilien, 1988-94, 6 Bände. By Bertram Schmitz.

(iii) A Book of Blessings and Prayers According to the Rite of the Maronite Antiochene Church. San Antonio, Texas: Office of Liturgy, 1989, 185 pp., hardcover US $ 15.00 [to be ordered with St. Maron Pubicaitons, P.O Box 010-360, Staten Island, NY 10301, USA – by John Madey.

(iv) Christus in euch: Hoffnung auf Herrlichkeit Orthodoxes Glaubensbuch fuer erwachsene und heranwachsende Glaeubige, herausgegeben von Sergius Heitz, erarbeitet von Susanne Hausammann und Sergius Heitz, verbesserte und erweiterte Neuauflage in Zusammenarbeit mit der serbisch-orthodoxen Moenchsskite des heiligen Spyridon in Geilnau. Goettingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 1994, 272 pp., DM 40.00 – by John Madey.

(v) Syriac Dialogue: First non-official Consultation on Dialogue within the Syriac Tradition. Vienna: Pro Oriente (Hofburg, Marschallstiege II, 1010 Vienna, Austria). 1994, 236 pp., n.p – by John Madey.

(vi) Andreas Heinz, Die Heilige Messe nach dem Ritus der Syrischmaronitischen Kirche [= Sophia, 28], Trier: Paulinus, 1996, 365 pp., DM 48,00. – by John Madey.

(vii) Ottokar Mund/ Joseph Machalke (Eds): Pater Kilian Kirchhoff: Priester und Blutzeuge, Georgsmarienhuette-Franzisiskanerkloster. 1996, 512 pp., hard-bound, [ISBN 3-9804399-3-3] Orders to: P. Ottokar Mund OFM, Am Boberg 10, D-49124 Georgsmarienhuette, Germany – by John Madey.

(viii) Stefan Rambacher, Formerfordernisse fur die Eheschliessung getaufter Nichtkatholiken nach dem CCEO: Unter besonderer Berucksichtigung der altorientalischen Kirchen [= Münchener Theologische Studien, im Auftrag der Katholisch-Theologischen Fakultät: III Kanonistische Abteilung, 46). Erzabtei St. Ottilien: EOS Verlag, 1995, 221 pp., hardbound DM 38.00 – by John Madey.

484. SEERI Chronicle: 1995-96