Vol. X, Nos. 1 & 2 (1997) (Out of Stock)

09. The development of Syriac Lectionary systems: K.D. Jenner

25. Co-existence and discussion between Nestorian Christians and Shamanistic Mangolians – A model with future? : Martin Tamcke

39. A Canticle of Advices of Saint Ephrem: P.K. Varghese

45. The importance and potential of SEERI in an international context: Dr. Sebastian Brock.

51. Timothy and his concern for the school of Bašōš: Harald Suermann 59. Malayalam Karshon: Koonammakkal Thoma Kathanar.

65. A brief history of the Syriac study centres in Kerala: Baby Varghese

71. The Semitic dimension of Christian tradition: Koonammakkal Thoma Kathanar

77. Felicitation to SEERI as autonomous Institution: Alain Desreumaux

81. Introducing Fr. François Graffin S.J. : Jacob Thekkeparampil

83. Reply: Gunther Claas 85. The Rite of Notification and Acceptance of the Episcopal Election in the Melkite Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch: John Madey.

91. Welcome Speech: H.E. Geevarghese Mar Timotheos.

95. Postgraduate degree in Syriac in India: V.N. Rajasekharan Pillai.

99. Vestiges of early Syriac presence in Kerala: Alain Desreumaux, F.B. Chatonnet.

103. 3rd Syriac Consultation: Mar Aprem Metropolitan.

109. News.

(i).Election of Archbishop Aram Keshishian as Catholicos of Cilicia

(ii). A new venture: Coptic Orthodox Bishop for Germany ordained.

111. In memoriam: Mar Athanasius Yeshue Samuel (1907-1995) 117. SEERI Chronicle -1996

122. Book Reviews

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(xviii) Thomas Kollamparampil CMI, Jacob of Serugh Select Festal Homilies, Centre for Indian and Inter religious studies (CIIS), Rome, and Dharmaram Publications (DP), Bangalore, pp.414.


Vol. X, No. 3 (1997)


07. Tertio millenio adveniente Christianity and the non Christian Religions: Morten Mobjerg

19. Interpreter of the Acts of God and Humans: George Warda, Historian and Theologian of the 13th century: David Bundy.

38. Miaphysitism: A New Term for use in the History of Dogma and in Ecumenical Theology: Dietmar W. Winkler.

41. Teachers and Pupils: The lasting importance of Canon 3 of the Synod of Seleucia – Ctesiphon of the year 585-586* : Martin Tamcke.

45. “A Note on Ephraem the Syrian and “The Poison of the Greeks” in Hymns on Fatih 2” : Paul S. Russell.

55. The Greek and the Latin traditions regarding the procession of the Holy Spirit: Council for promoting Christian Unity, Rome.

69. The Fifth Regional Symposium of Pro Oriente: John Madey.

77. SEERI Chronicle: November - December 1997.

78. Book Reviews

(i) J. F. Coakley & K. Parry (Eds), The Church of the East: Life and Thought {= Bulletin of the John Rylands University Library, vol. 78, no.3], Manchester, Autumn 1996, 198 pp., n. p. - by John Madey.

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(vii) Fr. Robert Matheus, Palestine in Jesus’s Time p. 512 (ORISI), Kottayam, 1998, Rs. 200/- ($ 20). By Fr. John Kudiuiruppil 89. News