Vol. XIII (2000) (Out of Stock)

01. The background to some terms in the Syriac Eucharistic Epiclesis: Sebastian Brock

13. The contribution of Malpan Andrew Kalapura to the Syriac Language, liturgy and the community in Malabar: Zacrias Thekkekandom

21. “Veracity of parts of the Acts of Judas Thomas and the song of Thomas Rambhan corroborated by advances in Indian Numismatic studies”: George Menachery.

29. A Brief account of His Ex. Metropolitan Mar Yokhannan Issai: Himblot, Tehran

33. The Homily of Narsai on the Virgin Mary: Charles Payngot.

39. The formation of the Canon of the New Testament in the Syrian Church: Adai Jacob.

49. Loyalty to the Emperor and change of Rite what induced the Melkite Church to exchange the Syrian for the Byzantine tradition: Gregory Hohmann.

57. The concept of Incarnation in the Syrian Orthodox Liturgies: P.K. Babu

65. Some common elements in the East and the West Syrian liturgies: Baby Varghese

77. The presence and influence of Syrian Christians in classical Tamil literature (Synopsis): Joseph Kolangaden.

85. A handful of gems of wisdom from the treasury of poet Raban John of Mosul: Curien Kaniamparampil.

99. The exegesis of Aphrahat and Ephrem with special reference to the Gospel Parables: Kuriakose Valavanolickal.

109. Sumerian survivals in Syriac: K. Luke.

125. Mar Narsai, the “Charismatic”: A study based on Mar Narsai’s homily on Pentecost: Isaac Arickappillil.

135. “The Son as the Revealer of the Father in Ephraem the Syrian’s Sermon I De Fide”: Paul S. Russell.

141 Dionysius bar Slibi’s Treaty against the Jews: Behnam Keryo.

147. Adam-Christ Complementary and the Economy of Salvation in Jacob of Serugh: Thomas Kollamparampil.

171. Points for “Codicology”: F.B. Chatonnet. 173. Philoxenus of Mabbug - the Eighth discourse on poverty: John P. Mathew.

177. On the way towards Unity?: Lothar Waldmüller.

183. (A) Ostsyrische Tauftheologie : Bertsam Schmitz

233. (B) Bestaffung : Bertsam Schmitz

273. Parumala Church – An exaltation: A.M. Mathew

275. News

(i). Syrian Orthodox Church/Church of the East. (Inauguration of the official theological dialogue)

(ii). Eastern Orthodox/Oriental Orthodox Churches.(Orthodox Churches and World Council of Churches)

(iii). Joint Commission of the Catholic/Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

(iv). Mixed Committee for Theological Dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East. (4th meeting – London, 6-9 Nov.1998)

(v). Assyrian Church of the East (Mar Dinka IV’s visit to Lebanon).

(vi). Assyrian and Chaldean Churches (Third meeting of the heads and the twin Patriarchal Churches)

(vii). Chaldean Church (Historic Pilgrimage to Koukhi)

(viii). Syrian Catholic Church (Election and enthronization of a new Patriarch)

(ix). Visit of the new Patriarch in Rome and introduction of a new rite of granting “communion ecclesiastica”

(x). Visit of the Syrian Catholic Patriarch to India

(xi). First priest of the Patriarchal Exarchate of Jerusalem

(xii). Construction of a Syrian Catholic Church in A Amman.

(xiii). Syro-Maronite Church (Beatification of Fr. Neemetallah Hardini)

(xiv). New circumscription of the Patriarchal eparchy.

(xv). New Archbishop of Damascus.

(xvi). Syro-Maronite Church (Patriarchal visit to Akkar and Ghosta)

(xvii). A new Maronite church for Amman

(xviii). Syrian Orthodox Church (Patriarch Ingnatius Zakka I. in Vienna)

(ix). New Chaldean Hierarchs Elected.

285. SEERI Chronicle - 1998

289. Book review

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