Vol. XIX (2006)

01. Professor Dr. John Madey – A Link to SEERI - Jacob Thekeparampil

93. L'eucharistie dans les traditions nestoriennes Les sources apocryphes du Levain dit Malka - Alain Desreumaux

109. Abraham of Kashkar, a biographical sketch - Martin Tamcke/Göttingen

117. A Concordance to Bedjan's Breviarium Chaldaicum and Darmo's Hudra - Sebastian P. Brock

137. The Malankara Catholic Church and Ecumenism - Geevarghese Chediath

149. The Logic of Pre-logical African: A Comparison between Kierkegaard's Leap of Faith and the African Traditional Life - Victor D. B. Inoka 161. Praise and Thanksgiving in the Syro-Malabar Qurbana - Thomas Mannooramparampil

177. Oriental Churches and Monasticism - Xavier Koodapuzha

195. The Indian Identity of Thomas Christians of India (Kerala) - Geevarghese Panicker

211. Christology and Ecclesiology in the unofficial consultations held between the Catholic Church and the Oriental Orthodox Churches - Dietmar W. Winkler

229. Oriental Catholic Churches and Their Theology : The relevance of oriental disciplines in the theological formation today - John Madey

255. George, Bishop of the Arabs (d.724): Homily on the Consecration of Myron - B.Varghese

283. St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute (SEERI): The Third Decade - David J. Lane

291. A Preliminary Overview of the Thought of Abuna Dr Juzif Azzi (Qazzi) - Dennis Walker

317. Indian Oriental Churches and the Development of Indian Theology - John Vattanky S.J.

325. The Recasting of Elijah in Aphrahat's VI Demonstration - Craig Morrison

341. Dioscurus of Alexandria in the Syriac Vita of Theopistus - Christian Lange

353. A brief outline of the history of Christianity in Urmia - Helen Younansardaroud - Hidemi Takahashi

365. Fakhr al-Dīn al- Rāzi, Qazwīnī and Bar Shakko – Hidemi Takahashi

381. Ostkirchliche Präsenz in München, der Landeshauptstadt des Freistaats Bayern - Lothar Waldmüller

399. Thomas Cannaneo and the Thekkumbhagar (Southists) - Jürgen Tubach

413. The Anaphora of Addai and Mari and its Historical, Liturgical and Theological Background - Martin Lugmayr

453. Book Rivew:

Francis J. Marini (Ed), Comparative Sacramental Discipline in the CCEO and CIC. A Handbook for the Pastoral Care of Members of other Catholic Churches , Sui iuris, Washington, D.C.: Canon Law Society of America, The Catholic University of America, 2003,258 pp., ISBN 1-932208-01-01

457. SEERI Chronicle - 2004

459. SEERI News: Important events in SEERI during Jan.2006.

462. Obituary: Mor Julius Yeshu ’Çiçek; Victor Pospishil J.C.D, S.E.O.L.

466. Publications of SEERI