Vol. XI & XII (1998-99) (Out of Stock)

01. Significance of the word “RACHME’ in the context of the history of salvation: Dr. P.G. Thomas Panicker

07. Iconographic inscriptions and their significance: Dr. Jean-Paul Deschler

21. The Peshitta and its rivals: R.B. ter Haar Romeny

33. The great Psalm commentary of Daniel of Salah: David G.K.Taylor.

43. Early Syriac Hermeneutics: Shinichi Muto

67. Martin Luther and Nestorius – A justification already 459 years ago? : Karl-Heinz Kuhlmann

75. The ordination of readers: Philip Tovey

87. Syriac Churches in dialogue: Geevarghese Chediath 99. The ecclesiological and canonical background of the so-called “Kerala Agreement”: John Madey.

113. Tables and beds: Shubalmaran’s Practical arrangements for an ascetic’s life: D.J. Lane.

127. The literary tradition of Gregory of Nazianzus in Syriac literature and its historical context: Andrea B. Schmidt.

135. Syriac written heritage in Kerala: First glances in the enquiry: F.B. Chatonnet, Alain Desreumaux & Jacob Thekeparampil

153. “Praying the Body”: Isaac of Nineveh and John of Apamea on anthropological integrity: Hannah Hunt.

159. Poésie et langage mystique chez Saint Ephrem et les mystiques des I ers siècles de l’ Islam: Sr. Joha Najjar

175. Salvation history as a process of healing in the theology of Mor Ephrem: Aho Semunkasho

187. Syrian Orthodox Christians in Germany: Rev. Rüdiger Frey

193. On the Syriac Pharmacopoeia: Philippe Gignoux

203. Johannes Pascha ( 1862-1911): Der Leidensweg eines “Kollektierenden Syrers”: Martin Tamcke

225. A study in Trinitarian technical terms in the Syriac commentary on the Diatessaron, in the light of the question of Ephraem’s possible authorship: CMW Lange

255. The Lexicon for which we long - Some primary issues regarding the future of classical Syriac Lexicography: Terry C. Falla