Vol. XV (2002)

01. Biography of Mar Aprem

13. The Veneration of the Apostle Thomas in the Church Province of Persis: Jurgen Tubach

25. Jacob of Sarug: On The Red Heifer: D. J. Lane

43. La Paternité spirituelle selon Symeon le Nouveau Théologien: Philothéa du Sinai

59. The Three Crucial Terms in Syriac Theology: Kyana, Qnoma, and Parsopa: Geevargese Chediath

67. Kynai Thoma in Pãnan Pãttu: Rev. Dr. Jacob Vellian 75. Four outstanding Danish missionaries in South India: Morten Møbjerg

87. Some Comparative Reflections on the Chaldean and Old Constantinopolitan Orders of Vespers: Revd Dr Gregory Woolfenden, Oxford

99. An Introduction to Malayalam Karshon: Koonammakkal Thoma Kathanar

107. The Descent of Mary and the Syriac Commentary on the Diatessaron: Christian Lange

117. The Third Element of the Dialogue of the Anaphora: Archimandrite Ephrem

129. Certain Aspects of the Christian Cultural Heritage of Kerala: George Menachery

137. Some earlier features in the Life of the Virgin: Michel van Esbroeck

149. St. Peters’ Personality and Ecclesial Leadership as Revealed in “The Acts of the Apostles” or St. Peter in “The Acts of the Apostles”: O. M. Mathew Oruvattithara

155. Some annotations about the fury of theologians: Karl – Heinz Kuhlmann

161. Moshe Bar Kepha and the Christian Communities: The Search for Nonpartisan (Ecumenical) Theological Understanding: Abdul-Massih Saadi

175. Memorial Service of St. Thomas: Translated by Rev. P. K. Varghese

197. Bishops of the church of the East, 1861 – 1918 an Index: J.F. Coakley

205. East Syrian Liturgy during the Sassanid Period: Baby Varghese, Kottayam

219. The Crystallization of Lebanese Particularism vis-à-vis Syria, Pan-Arabism and Communism in the 1930s and 1940s: Dennis Walker

263. Christ as Gardener in the Syriac Tradition: Jacob Thekeparampil

275. Akrostich Poems: Restoring Ephrem’s Madroshe: Andrew Palmer

289. Syriac Manuscripts in India: The Present State of the Cataloguing Process: István Perczel

299. Bar Ebraya: Kuriakose Corepiscope Moolayil

305. Syriac Dialogue’- An Example from the Past: Sebastian Brock

319. Book Reviews:

(i) Instytut ekumenizmu I Badan nad integracj: Studia Oecumenica, vol. 1(2001), Opole: Redakcja Wydawnict Wydziau Theologicznego Uniwersytetu Opolskiego, 2001, 299 pp., n. p. by John Madey.

(ii) Logos: A Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, Vol. 40 (1999), nos 1-4. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky Institute, Saint Paul Univerity, 383 pp., US $ 35.00 - John Madey.

323. News:

(i). Discours prononcé par Sa Béatitude Pierre VIII ABDEL AHAD Patriarche Syrien Catholique d’Antioche Au cours de sa visite fraternelle à Sa Sainteté la Patriarche Zakka ler IWAS Patriarche Syrien Orthodoxe d’Antioche La 4 mars 2002 Au Couvent Saint-Ephrem à Maaret El Nemaan (Syrie).

(ii). Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch