Vol. XVI (2003)

01. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Panicker: The Profile of a Principal: J.M. Stewart

19. Dr. Panicker: Emmanuel Thelly CMI 20. Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Panicker: Bio-data

31. Geevarghese Panicker – Abûn myaqrô: Jacob Thekeparampil

35. Religion and Trade: Nestorian Christianity arrives in T’ang China: Meera Abraham

43. Saint Ephrem’s Coptic friend, Apa Bishoi: Monica J. Blanchard

57. Lex Orandi, ex Credendi: Paul de Clerck 73. Syriac Music: Louis Hage

85. Catholic Lebanese Writers under the French Mandate: The Response to High Arabic Literature Penned Beyond Lebanon: Dennis Walker

129. Mother of Sorrows in Christian Tradition: Jacob Vellian

137. The Opportunities and problems of liturgical Inculturation: Gregory Woolfenden.

151. The Impact of the Synod of Diamper on the faith and liturgy of the St. Thomas Christians: Baby Varghese.

159. Tantrik Worship and Christian liturgy: O.M. Mathew.

171. St. Ephraem the Syrian, a spiritual teacher for today: Sidney H. Griffith.

195. The Catholic Syro-Malankara Church: Some reflections on its canonical status today and tomorrow: John Madey.

217. Problem of the institution narrative in the Syro-Malabar Qurbana: Thomas Mannooramparampil

241. A Challenge for commitment: Kuriakose Corepiscopa, Moolayil

245. The Assyrian Church of the East in the twentieth century: Dietmar W. Winkler.

271. Common Christological declaration between the Catholic Church and the Assyrian Church of the East – An Evaluation: Geevarghese Chediath

279. Granite objects in Kerala Churches: George Menachery

285. The recovery of an old text scribes, scholars, collectors and the Rhetoric of Antony of Tagrit: John W. Watt, Cardiff.

297. Celebration of Eucharistic liturgy according to the East Syriac and West Syriac Traditions: Geo Thadikkatt.

327. The Language of Theology and linguistic analysis: P.S. John

337. Leviticus: Lectionary and liturgy: D.J. Lane.

349. A prayer song by St. Jacob of Serugh recovered: Sebastian P. Brock.

355. Ephrem’s idea of revelation as Divine Pedagogy: Thomas Koonammakkal.

365. Malabar in Chinese records of the Sung Dynasty: Brian E. Colless.

367. From foundation to independence- Milestones of the Church of Seleucia-Ctesiphon: Harald Suermann

371. Book reviews

(i) Pro Oriente, Syriac Dialogue: Fourth non-official Consultation on Dialogye within the Syriac Tradition, Vienna: Pro Oriente (Hofburg, Marshchallstiege II, 1010 Vienna, Austria). 2001, 150 pp., ppb., 19.60 - by John Madey.

(ii) Hilarion Alfeyev, L’ Univers spiritual d’Isaac le Syrien, 2001, Editions Monastiques- Abbaye de Bellefontaine (Spiritualité Orientale, no. 76), 360 pp., paper 140 FF (= 21.28). ISBN 2-85589-376-3- [Editions Monastiques, Abbaye de Bellefontaine, F-49122 Bégrolles en Mauges, France]. - by John Madey.

(iii) Bishop Evmenios von Lefka, Athanasios Basdekis, Nikolaus Thon (Eds), Die Orthodoxe Kirche: Eine Standortbestimmung an der Jahrtausendwende. Festgabe für Prof. Dr. Dr. Anastasios Kallis. Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Otto Lembeck (Gärtenerweg 16), 2000, 527 pp., EUR 20.00. - by John Madey.

(iv) Konstantin Nikolakopoulos, Athanasios Vletsis, Vladimir Ivanov (Eds), Orthodoxe Theologie zwischen Ost und West. Festschrift für Prof. Theodor Nikolaou, Frankfurt am Main: Verlag Otto Lembeck (Gärtenerweg 16), 2002, 718 pp., EUR 35.00. - by John Madey.

(v) Dimitrios Salachas, Il magistero e l’evangelizzazione dei popoli nei Codici latino e orientale: Studio teologica-giuridico. Bologna, Edizioni Dehoniane, 2001, 334 pp., - by John Madey.

379. News:

(i). Malankara Church, One of the fastest growing in the World.

(ii). Syro-Malabar Church, Part of India’s rich Culture.

(iii). New Chaldean Metropolitan of Kerkuk (Iraq).

(iv). Kath.net – Ihr Katholischer Nachrichtendienst.

383 In Memoriam: Fr. Ottokar Mund OFM

385. SEERI- main events of the year 2002