Vol. XVIII (2005)

01. 5th Syriac Conference - A report

15. The Demon Ashmud - K. Luke 35. Prayer and the cult in the Peshitta version of 1–2 Samuel - Alison Salvesen

45. Mar Jacob of Serug on the Virginity of St. Mary - John Panicker

55. The Martyrdom of the Mimes - Cornelia B. Horn

71. TAKSA D’ SEGDTA Service of Kneeling - Jacob Vellian

83. Syriac Dialogue 4-5 - Geevarghese Chediath

91. Permanent Diaconate In the Syro-Malabar Church - Thomas Mannooranparmpil

115. Remarks concerning Giwargis Warda’s ‘Onita about the Catholicoi of the East- Martin Tamcke

125. Liturgical use of the word Rozo: A Preliminary Survey- B.Varghese

135. Recent Challenges to the East Syriac Liturgical Tradition in India- Geo Thadikkatt

147. AKORO (Farmer in the Syriac Tradition)- Stephen Plathottathil

153. The Gist of Syriac Grammar- Emmanuel Thelly

159. Manuscripts Witnessing Confessional Polemics in Mar Aprem’s Collection- István Perczel

163. A Syriac unedited Apocalypse: Revelations regarding the Dispensation of the Messiah-Muriel Debie

173. Some reflections about the origin of the serto script- F.B. Chatonnet

179. The Bridal Chamber of Light: a distinctive feature of the Syriac liturgical tradition- Sebastian P. Brock

193. John Chrysostom in East Syrian Theology of the Late Sixth Century- Karl Pinggéra

203. The Hermeneutics of Eusebius of Emesa- Shinichi Muto

217. An Introduction to Mar Thoma Syrian Church Lectionary- George Mathew

225. The Marriage Customs of the Knanaya Community in the Syo-Malabar Church- Thomas Mulavanal

233. Syriac Proto-monasticism and Monasticism in the Light of the First ChristianCommunity in Jerusa Lem- Buda Lorenzo

245. Ephrem, Nisibene Madrosho 42, Stanza 1- Andrew Palmer

253. The History of the Assyrian Church of the east in the 20th century with special reference to the Syriac Literature in Kerala- Mar Aprem

265. The Mariological Thought of Mar Jacob of Serugh (451-521)- James Puthuparampil

279. The Spirit of Life towards a Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Early Syriac Tradition- Emmanuel Kaniyamprampil

289. Typological Terminology of Jacob of Serugh- Johns Abraham Konat

297. Diakonos – bathmos kalos – mšamšono – dargoobo- Jean-Paul Deschler

331. Edessa and the Syriac Language- Adai Jacob

337. The ecological vision of St. Ephrem- Joseph Naduyilezham

345. The self understanding of the Mar Thoma Church in the context of the Syriac Heritage- K.V. Mathew

351. On Syriac proper names of Iranian origin- Philippe GIGNOUX 357. Imagery of Dust in Ephrem- Thomas Koonammakkal

365. Jacob of Sarug: on the two goats- D. J. Lane

393. In Memoriam –J.P.M. Van der Ploeg; Rev. Dr. D.J. Lane; Fr. Morten Moebjerg

401. Book Reviews:

(i) Augustyn Babiak, De La légitimité d’un Patriarcat ukrainien. Lyon-Lviv: Missioner, 2004, 292 pp., (Avhustyn Bab’jak: Legitimist’ ukraïns ‘koho Patriarchatu, ibid., 272 pp.,)- available with the Author: Rev. Dr. A. Babiak, 155 rue Vendôme, 69003 Lyon, France. - by John Madey.

(ii) Hugo Schwendenwein, Die Katholische Kirche. Aufbau und rechtliche Organisation [Beihefte zum münsterschen Kommentar 37], Essen: Ludgerus Verlag Hubert Wingen, 2003, 697 pp., Hardbound, EUR 49.00 - by John Madey.

(iii) Augustyn Babiak, Le Métropolite André Cheptytaskyi et les Synodes de 1940. Couronnement d’une aeuvre pastorale au service de Dieu et du peupe ukrainien [Université Catholique de Lyon. Faculté de Théologie]. Lyon-Lviv: Missioner, 1999, 798 pp., .,- available with the Author: Rev. Dr. A. Babiak, 155 rue Vendôme, 69003 Lyon, France - by John Madey.

(iv) Kees den Biesen, Bibliography of Ephrem The Syrian, Giove in Umbria 2002, 383 pp., for orders, comments, questions etc.: ephrem_bibliography@hotmail.com. - by Fr. Abraham Kalakudi.

(v) Klaus Buchenau, Orthodoxie und Katholizismus in Jugoslawien, Ein serbisch-kroatischer Vergleich (balkanologische Veröffentlichungen 40), 2003, Ca. 484 Seiten, gb. ISBN 3-447-04847-6, Ca. Euro 98, - (D)/ SFr. 166. – by Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil.

409. News:

(i). Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Iwas terms forcible conversion as “very bad” strategy.

(ii). Jacobite faction severs all ties with Orthodox Church.

(iii). Consecration of Holy Mooron held at St. Thomas Church. (iv). Manarcad Church declared universal pilgrim centre.

(v). Patriarch Ignatius Zakka Iwas calls to shun abortion

(vi). Paulose Mor Koorilos to be canonized.