Vol. XX (2006)

01. Rev. Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil - Geevarghese Panicker

09. Gathering Earth’s Daughters - Terry Falla

35. A Note on Syriac Studies in Japan - Hidemi Takahashi

47. A short service for the dead - Fr. Emmanuel C.M.I

55. Construis-moi un château dans le ciel - Françoise Briquel Chatonnet

65. Die Ambivalenz der Präsenz der Russen in Urmia - Martin Tamcke

73. Dionysius bar Salibi‘s Syriac Polemical Treatises - Rifaat Ebied

87. Have the Flames of Diamper - Istvan Perczel

105 Hoc est Christum cognoscere... Some remarks on the never ending story of Nestorius and a Lutheran suggestion.- H.C.Karl-Heinz Kuhlmann,

111. Paradise-Church and the Kingdom in St. Ephrem’s - Thomas Kollamparampil, CMI

121. The Autonomous Monastery - John Madey

151. The Dialogue between the Two Thieves - Sebastian P. Brock

171. The history of Christianity in Iraq of the 20th and 21st Century - Harald Suermann

195. The Malankara Catholic Catholicos and the Catholicate - Geevarghese Chediath

209. The Mystery of the Son did not journey without the Church - Christian Lange

221. The Name of God in Syriac Anaphoras - Martin Lugmayr

235. The social Obligation of Property - Günther Claas

249. The Syrian Origin of the Divine Condescension - Shinichi Muto

263. The Theology of Episcopacy - Thomas Mannooramparampil

275. Two Syriac Writers from the Reign of Anastasius - John W. Watt

295. Vatican II And Ecumenism After Forty Years - Dietmar Winkler

317. A short analysis of the Definition of Chalcedon and some reflections - Theresia Hainthaler

333. Narsai, Homilie XI - Luise Abramowski

349. Two Syriac Inscriptions Commemorating Maferians - Amir Harrak

361. Jacques de Jerusalem, figure du notaire apostlique - Alain D

387. Reverting the God-Given Order: Sarah and the Mother of the First- Born in Aphrahat’s Demonstrations - Cornelia B. Horn

399. The CMS Missionaries and the Malankara Church -Baby Varghese

447. Iconography of the Holy Cross in the Syriac Tradition - Abdo Badwi