Vol. XXI (2006)

01. Fr. Emmanuel Thelly CMI - Thomas Koonammakkal

07. Translation, Genre and Lexicography - Terry C. Falla

55. Der Mönch als die die Wüste liebende Turteltaube -Martin Tamcke

61. The Indian Inheritance in the Syrian Church of India - Joseph Thadathil

73. Theodosios of Alexandria and some theological trends of his time (535-566)-Dietmar W. Winkler

91. The Role of Angels in the West Syrian Liturgy -Geevarghese Panicker

103. Liturgical Spirituality of the Thomas Christians - Varghese Pathikulangara

135. Part of Mary in the Work of Redemption according to Chaldean Breviary. - Clerus

165. The Oriental Churches in India twenty years after the second Vatican Council - Mar Thoma Yogam

173. The Origins of the qanona ‘Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal’ according to Gabriel of Qatar (early 7th century) - Sebastian P. Brock

187. The Ruhanutha of the Indian Church- Kuriakose Elias Vadaketh

209. Theodoret of Cyr and Prophetical Inspiration - Robert Matheus

217. Corrections made in the Chaldean Breviary - Charles Payngot

239. Eucharist in the Syriac Acts of Judas Thomas - Baby Varghese

251. Eucharistic life in the Syriac tradition - Thomas Kollamparampil

263. Qnay-Thoma and Kaldaya Qurbana - George Appasserry

323. Cultural Identity Crisis of Thomas Christians- K.S. Kurian

337. Syriac Dialogue-6- Geevarghese Chediath

343. Prayers in between the “Marmyata” - Abraham Kalakudi

355. The Misnomer ‘Christian’ - Mathew Uppani

361. Theological Analysis of the period of Annunciation in the East and West Syrian Tradition - John Moolan

383. The Ministries of Karoya and Heupadiakna - Thomas Mannooramparampil

407. Der Beiname Jakobs von Edessa- Jürgen Tubach

431. The Saints in the Syro-Malankara Catholic Liturgy - Jacob Thekeparampil

447. St. Ephraem, Bar Dayßān and the Clash of Madrāshê in Aram -Sidney H. Griffith

473. Book Reviews:

(i) E. Vergani – S. Chialà, Le Chiese sire tra IV e VI secolo: dibattito dottrinale e ricerca spirituale, Atti del 2 Incontro sull’Oriente Cristiano di tradizione siriaca, Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, 28 marzo 2003, Centro Ambroziano, Milano 2005, ISBN 88-8025-482-0, 168 pp., EUR 13.- by Thomas Koonammakkal.

475. Publications of SEERI