Vol. XXII (2007)

01. 6th Syriac Conference at SEERI - A report

23. The Holy Spirit as "Clothing": An Imagery of the Holy Spirit in the Early Syriac Theology - Emmanuel Kaniamparampil

37. A monk of today at the feet of St. Ephrem, Harp of the Spirit and voice of the Church who sings Christ in his Mysteries - Buda Lorenzo

49. Christmas with Mar Ephrem: The Nativity Feast in Early Syriac Tradition- David Bertaina

93. The Language of Ecumenism - P.S. John

103. The Ecclesial Communion of the St Thomas Christians of India before the 16th Century - Xavier Koodapuzha

121. The Ancient of Days: the Father or the Son?- Sebastian P. Brock

131. Syrian Identity in the Cave of Treasures - Philip Wood

141. The Last Judgement (Mt. 25:31-46) in Ephrem's Letter to Publius - Kuriakose Valavanolickal

147. East Syriac Melodies in Syro-Malabar Tradition.- Jacob Vellian

151. ADAM - Mortal or Immortal? - James Steephen Olikal

157. Some Reflexions about the figure of Abraham in the Syriac literature at the beginning of Islam - Françoise Briquel Chatonnet

177. Saint Ephrem on the Fourth Century Funeral Rites - B.Varghese

183. The Response to Chasm and Bridge: The Wings of Truth and Attitude in Ephrem the Syrian's Hymns on Faith - Charis Vleugels

193. St. Ephrem's Hymns on Paradise IX, 26: Some remarks from a Lutheran point of view - Karl-Heinz Kuhlmann

201. A letter of Mar Thoma's from 1728 as source for the history of the Syrian St. Thomas Christians - Martin Tamcke

215. The Sources of Spirituality of the Syro-Malabar Church - Geo Thadikkatt

241. The Odes of Solomon, Gnosticism and The Rule of Faith - Gie Vleugels

257. Adam as a child by Irenaeus of Lyons and in the St Ephrem's Hymns of Paradise- Ysabel de Andia

269. Revelation of Paul the blessed Apostle - Joju Anto 283. Syriac Fathers on Mary and the Eucharist- Jose Kochuparampil

299. Hidden Work of the Heart in Liber Graduum- Thomas Kollamparampil

311. Aspects of the Idea of "Clean and Unclean" among the Brahmins, the Jews, and the St. Thomas Christians of Kerala - George Menachery

331. Beth Aprem: Nazrani Dayara- Thomas Koonammakkal

347. The Priesthood in the Maronite Church Tradition According to the Syriac Manuscripts - Najem CHAHWAN

367. In Memoriam: His Beatitude Moran Mor Cyril Baselios Catholicos; His Beatitude Moran Mor Ignatios aAnton II Hayek; Mor Ostathios Yussef Mounayer; Rev. Sr. Felix SIC.

369. Book Review:

(i) Pauly Maniyattu (Ed), East Syriac Theology: An Introduction, Ephrem’s Pubicaitons, Satna 2007, ISBN: 81-88065-04-8, 374 pp., Rs. 200, - by Joseph Maleparampil.

(ii) Hubert Kaufhold, Kleines Lexikon des Christlichen Orients 2. Auflage des Kleinen Wörterbuches des Chjristlichen Orients. (Harrassowitz Verlag, Wiesbaden 2007. 655pp., EUR 58. – by Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil.

374. SEERI News: Important events during the period 05.03.2007 to 06.11.2007

376. Publication of SEERI