Vol. XXIII (2008)

01. Prester John of India - Jürgen Tubach

11. The Liturgical Dimension of Syriac Epigraphy - Amir Harrak

29. The Universality and the Locality in Early Persian Christianity as Reflected in Aphrahat's Demonstrations- Shinichi Muto

41. St. Paul According to Jacob of Serugh - Raju Parakkott

47. The Churches of the Syriac Tradition and Ecumenism - Geevarghese Chediath

65. St. Thomas in the Syro-Chaldean Breviary- Emmanuel Thelly

77. Theology of Nature in Ephrem and in Indian Thought - John Vattanky

85. The Blessing on Judah: Ephrem and Jewish Exegesis - Helen Spurling

103. Indian and Christian Mysticism - Linda Teer

113. Patristic Collections in the "Syriac Masora" - Jonathan Loopstra

123. Remembering the Seyfo; Re-reading the poem by Gallo Shabo - Naures Atto

137. An Iconographic Explanation of the Open-air Granite Cross of Valiyapally, Kaduthuruthy- George Kurisummoottil

189. The 'Divine Praises' or the Liturgy of the Hours in the Chaldeo - Indian Tradition with Special Reference to Endana (ܥܕܢܐ) the Noon Liturgy -Kochuthresia Kavumkal

199. Syriac Books (printed) Found in the Metropolitan's Palace, Trichur, South India - Mar Aprem

209. Some Observations on the Antiochene Exegetical Precepts - Thomas Kuzhuppil

221. St. Ephrem's Commentary on Genesis - Some Observations Concerning his Exegetical Method - Thomas Kremer

235. Parallels of Syriac and Jewish Apocalypses of the 7th Century- Lutz Greisiger

247. The Iconography of Saint Ephrem - Abdo Badwi

257. Dualistic Heresies and Cults in Syriac Sources and the Construction of the Image of the Heretic - Emmanouela Grypeou

271. Bar-Hebraeus’s Use of Bar-Salibi- Assad Sauma

281. 'Kulala ’ (Crowning) in the East Syrian Tradition - John Kannanthanam

291 Interfacing the Cross and the Eucharist: Syriac Perspectives - Philip Chempakassery

301. Syriac Echoes on Byzantine Icons - Common Motives in Liturgical Texts and on Sacred Images - Jean-Paul Deschler

323. The Syriac Liturgy of Peter of Callinicus - Rifaat Ebied & Lionel Wickham

359. “Aramaic brothers or heretics: The image of the East Syrians in the Chronography of Michael the Great (d. 1199)”-Jan van Ginkel

369. The Genesis of Ethnicity? - Alison Salvesen

383. The causes of the feast, a literary genre of the East Syriac Church, in the 6th century. A survey with some theological remarks - Theresia Hainthaler

401. In Memoriam: (i) Rev. Dr. Geevarghese Panicker (ii) Fr. Irénée DALMAIS OP

409. Book Review:

(i) Andreas Heinz, Licht aus dem Osten. Die Eucharistiefeier der Thomas-Christia, der Assyrer und der Chaldäer mit der Anaphora von Addai und Mari [=Sophia. Quellen östlicher Theologie, 35], Trier: Paulinus, 2008, 447 pp., EUR 29.90 ISBN: 078-3-7902-1459-8- by John Madey.

(ii) Kees den Biesen, Simple and Bold: Ephrem’s Art of Symbolic Thought (Gorgias Dissertations 26, Early Christian Studies 6; Gorgias Press, Piscataway 2006) ISBN 1-59333-397-8, I-XXII + 435 – by Rev. Dr. Thomas Koonammakkal.

(iii) Fr. Thomas Kuzhinapurath, Salvific Law, M.S Publications, Trivandrum, India 2008 – by Dr. Philip Chempakassery. (iv) C.D. Review: Qambel M‘aran: Syriac Chants from South India [compact disc]. Liner notes and photography by Joseph J. Palackal, Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records Ethnic Series # 2085, 2002. Transcriptions of the text and English translation are avialble by contacting PAN records at paradox@dataweb.nl.

423. List of Books