Vol. XXIV (2009)

01. Rev. Fr. Abraham Kalakudi - Thomas Koonammakkal

07. 'Blessed is that old age which has grown old with good deeds': a neglected poem attributed to St Ephrem - Sebastian P. Brock

23. After Centuries of Self-Assertion, the Way to Migration: Instances from the History of the Syrian Church in Turkey - Martin Tamcke

35. The Melkite Catholic and Orthodox Churches are Byzantine, not Greek, Roman, Eastern or Arabic - John M. Samaha

47. An Introduction to Liturgy of Baptism: Assyrian Church of the East - P.K. Varghese

55. Moses Bar Kepha: Commentary on Baptism - Baby Varghese

83. Christian Ethiopia - Ugo ZANETTI

109. The Catholic Churches of Eastern Tradition and Pope Benedict XVI. - JohnMadey

123. The Ecumenical Vision of Moran Mor Baselios Cyril Catholicos (1935-2007) - Geevarghese Chediath

131. Prayers of the Psalms in the East Syrian Worship- Joju Anto

149. Holodomor: fare memoria del genocidio per fame in Ucraina nel 1932-33 - Augustyn Babiak

153. Origin and Early History of ISLAM - Karl-Heinz Kuhlmann 179. Abraham and his types - Emmanuel Thelly

189. Four Apologetic Church Histories from India - Istvan Perczel

219. Das Kreuz als kosmisches Symbol und christliches Kennzeichen - Jean-Paul Deschler

253. The Reformed Qurbana of 1873 - Phillip Tovey 269. Apostolic Tradition of the Oriental Churches - Theresia Hainthaler

285. Christological differences between East and West Syrian Traditions - Stephen Plathottathil

311. Armenian Manuscripts of the Commentaries - Vahan S. Hovhanessian

329. Lord's Prayer: Concern for 'Father's matters'- Jacob Thekeparampil

355. The new text of sacraments in the Syro-Malabar Church - Thomas Mannooramparampil

407. Immediate preparation for Baptism in the East Syrian Lent:- Jacob Vellian

411. Reconstructing Christianity in south-west Iraq: reassessing Hira - Erica C.D. Hunter

425. Vision of Man in Ephrem and Isaac: Ecological Implications - Varghese Madathikunnath

437. News:

(i). Release of the Book “Syriac Inscriptions of Kerala” (authored by: Alain Desreumaux, F.B. Chatonnet and Jacob Thekeparampil) by Indian Ambassador in France on 30th October 2008.

451. List of Books