Vol. XXV (2010)

01. A Syriac Poem - Sebastian P. Brock

03. SEERI - A Quarter Century - Sebastian P. Brock

17. A Syriac Inscription in England - Phillip Tovey

21. Christian Contribution to Twentieth Century Keralam - D. Babu Paul

33. The Syro-Malabarians and their Rite - Placid Podipara (Trans. Robert Matheus)

51. The Beginnings of the Lutheran-Nestorian Movement - Martin Tamcke

59. Monachisme et œcuménisme selon André Cheptytskyj - Augustyn Babiak

73. The Nature and Features of Eastern Mysticism - Geevarghese Chediath

79. The Apostle Thomas in Georgian Narratives - Sophia Vashalomidze

137. The Acts of Mar Mari - Thomas Mannooramparampil

155. Das Mönchtum der Syrisch-Orthodoxen Kirche von Antiochien in der Gegenwart Zwischen Tradition und Moderne - Josef Önder

173. Languages in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa -Ugo ZANETTI

185. A Syriac Magic Bowl -Gaby Abousamra 201. Structure of the Sacramental Celebrations - Syriac Tradition - Baby Varghese

229. Notes on the Ritual Dynamics of the Syro-Malankara Holy Qurbana - Susan K. Roll

239. Prayers of the Nativity of our Lord in the Syro- Chaldean Breviary - Emmanuel Thelly

273. The commemoration of blessed Marth Maryam in the Church of the East - Jincy O.U.

291. Ephrem's Augustus and Jesus (Hymns on the Nativity 18:1-3) - Thomas Koonammakkal

299. Syriac Grammar in St. Jacob's Metre -Saju K. Mathai 311. Syriac Christology in Phil. 2:6-7.- Stephen Plathottathil

333. Syrian Christian Spirituality: An introductory search - Babu Paul

343. SEERI One-day Seminars

(i). Why I took up Syriac studies? - Thomas Kremer

(ii). The Assyrian Minority in Present-day Georgia - Sophia Vashalomidze

(iii). Saint Ephrem the Syrian in Georgian Narratives - Sophia Vashalomidze

(iv). The Mission of St. Paul –His Travels and Troubles- Jean-Paul Deschler

403. Book Reviews:

(i). Mahieu-De Praetere, Marthe Kurisumala - Francis Mahieu Acharya: a Pioneer of Christian Monasticiam in India (trans.Van Winkle, Susan) : by Bernard Kilroy.

(ii). Kai Merten: Die syrisch-orthodoxen Christen in der Türkei und in Deutschland: Untersuchungen zu einer Wanderungsbewegung : by Josef Önder 419 In Memoriam : Dr.h.c.Guenther Claas

419. In Memoriam: Dr. h.c. Günther Class

423. News:

(i). Rev. Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil: The Malphono Rabo D’ildotho Suryoyotho

(ii). Fr. M.P. George: Malphono Musicoro

(iii). Fr. M.P. George: A profile (iv). Mazmur 2011

447. SEERI Chronicle (2008-2009)

449. List of Publications