Vol. XXVI (2012)

Part - I (Index)

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5 Liturgy And Sacraments

13 Theology

18 Canon Law

19 Patrology

31 History of the Church

36 Art and Archeology

37 Philology

39 Ecumenical

42 Inter-Religious

43 Various

47 In Memoriam

48 News

51 Book Reviews

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Part -II (Other features)

133 Prayers of John Dalyatha or John Saba- Mary Hansbury

157 John, Patriarch of Antioch: Homily on the Consecration of Myron - Translation by. Baby Varghese

167 The Expression Catholic in history and Tradition - Geevarghese Chediath

175 Church as Bride of Christ: Hymn of St. Ephrem - Translated by Stephen Plathottathil

181 The Socio-Religious Life of the Syrian Christians of Kerala up to the Sixteenth Century - Johnson A.

193 West Syrian Baptismal themes and technical terms in the evening prayers of Denho in the Pampakuda Fenqitho - Stephen Plathottathil

217 Metropolit Julius Yeshu Çiçek (1942-2005): "Meine Kirche, Dich Liebe Ich" Ein Autobiographisches Gedicht Und Seine Auslegung - Josef Önder

237 Christian Relations in the Levantine: The MemrÐ× of Patriarch Mar Sabrךݑ V ibn Mas×h× (1226-1256): Against the Heretics - Mar Awa Royel

267 Angamali: A Re-Examnination of its importance in light of comparative history in the early 9th century - Steve Cochrane

281 Kerala, the Cradle of Christianity in South Asia: The Cultural Interface of Religion and Music -Joseph Palackal

285 Study of the arrangement of the sanctuary - Thomas Mannooramparampil

297 Severus of Antioch and the Eastern Churches (512-518) - Frédéric ALPI 313 Christ's Descent to the Underworld in the Khara-Khoto Syriac Document Found in Inner Mongolia - Shinichi Muto

323 Reconsidering the Intellectual Background of Bardai¯an - Toda Satoshi

337 Jacob of Serugh's Mimro on Zakai the Tax Collector: A Literary and Theological Analysis - Zeki Aydin

363 Al Tesbuhato D'poturo - Varghese George 369 The Iconography of Syriac Lectionaries: British Library Add. 7170 and Vatican Syr.559 in the context of the Byzantine Tradition - Rima Gannage

379 SEERI One-day Seminar: 30.04.2012

(i). Biblical Intratextuality: MT-Numbers and LXX-Numbers: A Case Study.

(ii). Hebrew Bibles, Greek Bibles, Syriac Bibles

401 Book Review: Moran Etho 32

405 Obituary (Rev. Fr. Abraham Kalakudi & Prof. Dr. John Madey)

411 SEERI News:

(i). SEERI honoured Dr. Jean-Paul Deschler on 13.01.2012 by conferring the title "Malphono Manahrono" (Doctor of Philosophy: Honoris Causa)

(ii). The Syrian Orthodox Church honoured Rev. Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil with "The Malankara Malpan Curien Kaniamparampil Riš-Corepiscopa centenary award"

(iii). The French Government honoured Rev. Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil byconferring the title "Chevalier in the order of Academic Palms"

(iv). His Beatitude Moran Mor Bechara Boutros al-Rahi, Maronite Patriarch of Antioch and all the East, visited SEERI on 22.09.2012.

(v). His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI elevated His Beatitude Moran Mor Baelios Cleemis Catholicos, Major Arch-bishop, Trivandrum as Cardinal on November 24, 2012 at Vatican.

439 SEERI Chronicle 2011 & 2012

442 List of SEERI Publications