Vol. XXVII (2011)

1 7th World Syriac Conference: A report

39 The Syriac 'New Finds' at St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, and their significance - Sebastian P. Brock

53 West Syriac Liturgy : One hundred years of research - Baby Varghese

73 A few concepts of Mar Jacob of Serug on Women as we see them in his Mimre. - James Steephen Olikal

85 The significance of St. Ephraim in the Ethiopian Tradition. - Dimetros Woldu

107 Critical Evaluation of the new (2009)text of the Qurbana of Catholic Chaldean Church in USA. - Jacob Vellian

111 Word and Meaning: A Glossary in Liturgy and Iconography with Special Reference to the Theology of the Eastern Churches. - Jean-Paul Deschler

121 The Treatise on Baptism in the causes of the 7 Mysteries of the Church by Patriarch Timothy II, 1318-1332. - Paul Blaize Kadicheeni

129 A Medieval Chinese Source on a Certain Syrian Christian Lord in Kollam, India - Li Tang

141 Multiple Covenants and the People from the Peoples in Aphrahat: Insights for a Theology of Religions and the Ministry of the Church in the World - Thomas Kollamparampil

161 John the Evangelist: Disciple Jesus loved. - P.V. Philip

173 The Western Missionaries and the Revival of the Neo-Aramaic Dialects. - Robin beth Shmuel

181 The Prayers of the Feast of Denha (Baptism) of the East Syrian Breviary (sixth January). - Emmanuel Thelly

211 Who is Bishop Gabriel? Essay on the East Syrian opponent of Mar Thoma V - Martin Tamcke

225 The Origin of the Christians in Eastern Arabia: Nomads and the sedentary peoples - Jürgen Tubach

235 Music, the language of Heart in the Syro-Malankara liturgy and its relation to Ragas in the Indian Music - Philip Vysanethu

249 The Attitude of Aphrahat to the Poor. - Kuriakose Valavanolickal

257 Neglected Sources for the History of the St. Thomas Christians - John Fenwick

271 Nature of the Church (of the East) in Ishaq Shbadnaya's "Poem on the Divine Economy" - Thomas A. Carlson

291 " Fraction prayers " in the Coptic Liturgy - Ugo Zanetti

303 The commentary of an anonymous author on the East Syrian Holy Qurbana attributed to Mar George, the Bishop of Arbel and Mosul - Thomas Mannooramparampil

335 Quotations of Polycarp's Letter to the Philippians Preserved in Syriac - Timothy B. Sailors

343 A short Treatise on the Trinity in Syriac attributed to St. Ephrem the Syrian. - Rifaat Ebied & Lionel Wickham

353 Love as an Exegetical Principle in Jacob of Serug - Mary Hansbury

369 Understanding Christian Eschatology against the background of the thought of Ephrem and êaµkara - John Vattanky

381 Ephrem: a combatant and a monk in love! - Behnam Keryo

409. SEERI One-day Seminar

(i). Le Chant Syriaque- P. Antoine NASSIF (Director, Patriarchal Major Seminary, Charfet, Lebanon)

(ii). Maronite Sacred Music – Youssef A. Tannous (Dean, Faculty of Musicology, Holy Spirit Univ. Lebanon)

(iii). Syriac Musical Tradition of the Antiochean Church –Raboula Antoine Beylouni (Former Archbishop of Aleppo)

440. SEERI Chronicle 2010

441. News

(i). The Malphono Rabo D’ldotho Suryoyotho – His Beatitude Moran Mor Baselios Cleemis (Major Archbishop-Catholicos, Trivandrum).

(ii). Malphno Musicoro- His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Koorilos (Archbishop, Tiruvalla).

(iii). Fr. M.P. George – a profile: Rev. Dr. Thomas Koonammakkal (Professor, SEERI)

(iv). Mazmur 2011

446. SEERI – List of Publications.