Vol. XX (Part II) 2006

01. Rev. Dr. Jacob Thekeparampil Bibliography

07. Der Alexanderwall gegen Gog und Magog - Ein syrisches Wandermotiv - Andrea Schmidt

23. Mechelen on the Tigris - August Thiry

59. Some Hidden Treasures of the Pampakuda Fenqitho- Sebastian P. Brock

75. The Churches of the Syriac Tradition and Ecumenism - Geevarghese Chediath

93. The Beginning of Christianity in Kerala - Mathew Ulakamthara

109. Zinzendorff's Ambassadors to the Oriental Christians in the Near East - Martin Tamcke

119. The Perception and Prominence of Mary in Eastern Christian Traditions - John M. Samaha

129. Technical aspects of the Göttinger Syriac Concordance - Manfred Zumpe

173. Ephrem the Syrian: Bibliography - Assad Sauma

227. Les deux prières de l'imposition de la main pour l'ordination des prêtres dans l'église syrienne Orientale - Sebastian Naduthadom

235. Centenaire des Congrès de Velehrad (1907-2007)- Augustyn Babiak

261. Les miracles des saints dans le Livre des Gouverneurs -Philippe Gignoux

269. The Pneumatic and Charismatic Nature of the Church: Theological Conclusions from 1 Cor 12-14 - Donatus Udoette

285. The Cultural Heritage of the Assyrian Church of the East in India - P.K. Varghese 295. Suryaya Hendwaya -Thomas Koonammakkal

305. Origin of the Maphrianate of Tagrit -B.Varghese

351. News:

(i). New Structures for the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch in Europe.

(ii). The Holy Synod of the Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch held at St. Ephrem the Syrian Monastery, Ma’arret Saydnaya/Damascus.

361. SEERI Chronicle - 2006

368. Publicaitons of SEERI