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            St. Ephrem Ecumenical Research Institute (SEERI) – an institution of the Syro Malankara Catholic Church - established in 1985 at Kottayam, Kerala, India, promotes Syriac studies. It is an ecumenical Institute unique in India. Its students and teachers come from not only the 7 Churches of Syriac tradition, but also from other Churches from abroad  

SEERI, which has become an international Institute for Syriac studies, also welcomes students individually or in groups for short-term courses in Syriac language and for programmes of initiation into the living liturgical and spiritual traditions of the Churches of Syriac heritage in Kerala (South India). Its courses make its participants competent in both East Syriac and West Syriac heritage.

 Collaborations:  In collaboration with Mahatma Gandhi University of Kerala State, it offers a Certificate Course in Syriac (3 months), M.A. (Syriac) course (Post Graduate programme of 2 years) and Ph.D. in Syriac language and literature (research programme of 3 years).

 SEERI is also privileged to have collaboration with scholars and Institutions from abroad viz. 

·        The Universitй Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium  

·  Institute of Eastern Christian Studies, Radboud (Catholic) University, Nijmegen, Holland

·        Oriental Institute, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

·        Institute for Semitic Studies, College de France, Paris, France.

·        Institute Catholique de Paris, France

·        Universitй de St. Esprit, Kaslik, Lebanon.

·        Oriental Institute, Martin Luther University, Halle, Germany

·        Georg August Universitat, Goettingen, Germany.

·        Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA. 

Syriac Conferences: Every 4th year, SEERI is also the venue for an International Syriac Conference. Six such conferences were held in 1987, 1990, 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006. Our publication, the Harp, mainly contains papers presented in the Syriac conferences.

    1987 conference papers were published in Volume I (Nos. 2&3) and  Vol. II (    Nos. 1&2).

    1990 conference papers were published in volumes IV and V.

    1994 conference papers were published in volumes VII, VIII - IX.

    1998 conference papers were published in volumes X (No.3), XI-XII and XIII.

    2002 conference papers were published in volumes XVIII & XIX.

    2006 conference papers are being published in Volumes XXII and XXIII

    Other volumes of the Harp contain learned papers from scholars all over the world

Publications:   The regular publications of the Institute are

“The Harp” (English): A review of Syriac, Oriental and Ecumenical Studies. 21 Volumes published so far. These volumes contain learned articles of renowned writers from all over the world on different topics.

Ш       “Moran Etho” (Monographs – occasional English publication). 29 books published so far.

Ш      S.C.C.(SEERI Correspondence Course in English on Syrian Christian heritage. Complete set includes 12 courses and to be completed in two years. 9 courses have already been published).

Ш      AWSĀR SLAWŌT’O (Liturgical books with Syriac text and its English translation given parallel to the text). The first volume is the Book of Common Prayer (Breviary of the West Syrian Church) published in 2006. Volume 2 – Hymns of St. Ephrem on “Big Lent”  (Saumo Rabo) is in the press.

Ш      “Nuhro” (Articles on Syrian Christian heritage in Malayalam – 4 volumes already published).

Ш      “Madroso” (Translations of Syriac poetical works in Malayalam poems. Occasional Malayalam publication – 6 volumes published).

Ш      Blue Series (German translations of   West Syrian liturgical texts – 6 volumes) 

 For further details, contact: 

Director, SEERI, Baker Hill, Kottayam. 686 001, Kerala, India.
Telephone: 0091-481-2564333
Fax: 0091-481-2560856
E-mails:  seeri@bsnl.in, maeri@dataone.in,  seeri_2000@yahoo.com

Website: www.seeri.org

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