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Ø Course of initiation into Syriac literature for students going to universities abroad for higher studies and to the M. Th. students in India.

Ø Regular classes in Syriac language for interested candidates.

Ø Syriac Intensive Course, held yearly for 3 months during the summer vacation.

Ø Lecture series on the history and patrimony of Syriac Churches and on other selected themes by eminent scholars.

Ø Seminars and classes on various aspects of Syriac theology.

Ø An Introductory Course on Spirituality based on Syriac liturgy.

Ø Full-time, part time degree programmes.

Ø A course on Syriac Iconography

Ø Intensive Courses in modern languages: French, German, Italian,

Ø Short courses in early Christian languages: Armenian, Greek, Coptic, Ge’ez, Latin

Ø One year Certificate Course in Theology.

Ø Intensive course on Syriac Church Music

Ø Initiation programmes on the Ecclesial Heritage of the Oriental  Churches


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